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When requested I consider preparing dishes or menus for restaurants I’ve enjoyed or where I’ve had fun at. The restaurant persists in asking me and eventually I give in, only to take over their entire kitchen. I work like a magician in combining flavours, textures, colours and structures.

The result?

A new dish or new menu. A new creation.

For whom do I do create this?

For those that believe in or hope for a world without borders, a world without limits or localities to cuisine where we can rise above the culinary restrictions and rules to try something new. Life is a journey and you must relish every moment.

This is the concept for the program ‘Wilco ila Yasasin Yemek’ (Long Live Food with Wilco). My father inspired my cooking in the Netherlands, but like a new bloom that passion blossomed in Turkey and became a TV Program on IZ TV, which brought me to you.

I don’t want to make the same old, dull format cooking show where we step by step combine 100g this and 20g that, I want to make a show where we trace the ingredients back to their roots and take the finest, freshest of those ingredients straight from the source and into my kitchen. Even experienced chef’s may be unaware of the process so we follow the daily journey these ingredients make from the source to kitchens all over the land where they are prepared and cooked.

One day in one of the Tekirdag’s neighbourhoods we cook local sunflower seeds in local sunflower oil with locals around watching, asking and commenting. The next day we trace the sacred ingredients of Van Herb Cheese to the top of the highest mountains of the Van Province in Eastern Turkey. 

If you are one of the people who wonder where everyday ingredients come from, what goes into their produce on your table or supermarket shelf, or how these ingredients get from the field to your plate then drop me an email and, who knows, maybe one day I’ll set out on the road to get you an answer. With my appetite for travelling and the huge variety of delicious ingredients and dishes new roads wind ahead to new adventures and new discoveries.

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