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Wilco van Herpen was born in the Netherlands. He started his career as a chef; a profession he has learned from his father. Wilco worked in several restaurants and hotels in the Netherlands. In 1988 he made a drastic decision to leave the kitchen and instead become a professional photographer. He has travelled around in Southern Africa, Middle Asia, the Near East, Europe and, of course, the entire Turkey.
In 1999 Wilco moved to Istanbul and started working in Turkey as a photographer.  It did not take long before jobs were offered by several television channels like TRT 2, TRT Int., TV8, TRT Avaz, IZTV,  Skytürk 360, NTV, and Kanal D.

With programs like “Wilco’s Camper”, “Long Live Food with Wilco”, “I am not a Stranger” and “Wilco’s Election” (a program about the elections in 2011), Wilco  touched the heart of the people who are living in Turkey and abroad. He was rewarded and appreciated for the travel programs he made by receiving the ‘Modern Evliya Çelebi’ award; according to Wilco this was the highlight of his television career.

Wilco van Herpen still works as a documentary program maker and presenter, professional chef, photographer and a columnist. Every Wednesday, he writes a travel story for the Hürriyet Daily News, the biggest newspaper (and therefore a source of information) for foreigners in Turkey.
The programs that are being broadcasted on Digitürk IZTV (documentary program channel) and Turkmax Gurme(food program channel) are Wilco’nun Karavanı”(travel program), “İki Göz, Bir Şehir”(photography program), Wilco’yla Yaşasın Yemek”(food program). Although being a foreigner, Wilco is no longer a stranger to this country and its people. With his programs, Wilco continues telling the story of Turkey in his own sincere way.

Wilco says:
“I share with my audience the secrets of Turkey. Old craftsmen, beautiful food, great photographers, ancient cities, impressive nature etc. Where can you find those beautiful places, where can you eat that delicious food; are just a few questions that are being answered in my programs.
Until today, I have done all the things that a person can dream of: Diving, rock climbing, cooking, photography, eating the best Turkish food, sightseeing the most beautiful ancient cities, well, the list can continue for at least three pages. Shortly; Turkey is a fascinating, beautiful country and I am happy that, with the help of my television programs, I can share my adventures with everybody.

I hereby want to thank all the people that have helped me with making my programs and of course all the people that watch my program. You are great. With love…”



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