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Wilco eski bir woswosda

Wilco Bolulu aşcılarla birlikte mutfakta

Wilco at arabası kullanırken

Wilco Mardinlilerle birlilkte antik kentte

Wilco Kütahya'da kahvede


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Reflected light bounces off the film.

Moments. Images replace spoken words.

The right composition can be read like a novel, lived like a trip.

Pulled into the picture, helpless to resist.


2 goz, 1 Sehir (2 eyes, 1 city) travels around with those feelings.

Turkey’s most respected photographers, all with different stories but speaking the same language, are guests on my program.

Every single artist represents a different world, each frame is an individual review.

Two photographers walking side by side, closing the camera shutter at the same time and from the same angle will produce a picture that represents the difference between the two friends: similar views with very different perspectives.

Photography: such a strong language. Two professionals, their philosophy and their views about photograph.

Inseparable from my cameras & together with friends, we play with the light in our magic boxes.

I expect all of you to come with me and enter the wonderful world of light.

You are more than welcome.


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